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In our efforts to deliver quality & career education, we put more emphasis on determining one-to-one contact and also be very much attentive to the vital needs of each student. Our faculty team relentlessly monitors the progress of every student and guides them accordingly on the way to achieve all success in their life and career ahead.

Why Career Point University?

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) at CPU manages the various aspects of the Institute’s international engagement. OIA takes various initiatives which are aimed to build cross-cultural competency and advocates a sense of global citizenship amongst students, faculty members, researchers and other professionals.

Some of these initiatives are:

  • International Admissions
  • Students exchange programs
  • Multi Campus programs with credits transfer
  • Content integration and twinning programs
  • International immersion & Study Tours
  • Research collaborations
  • Faculty exchange and training

OIA is in-charge of coordinating all international activities, advancing a strategic plan for internationalization, fostering and nurturing international partnerships, as well as developing innovative programs for faculty and students.

Why Study In India?

Studying in India, particularly at Career Point University (CPU), offers numerous advantages for international students. Here are some key reasons why international students might choose to study in India at CPU:

  • Accredited Programs:
    • CPU offers a range of programs accredited by recognized national bodies such as UGC, AICTE, NCTE, BCI, and PCI, ensuring high educational standards.
  • Experienced Faculty:
    • The university boasts a highly qualified faculty with significant academic and industry experience, providing quality education and mentorship.
  • Lower Tuition Fees:
    • Compared to many Western countries, the cost of education in India is significantly lower, making it a cost-effective option for quality education.
  • Affordable Living Costs:
    • Living expenses in India are also relatively lower, including accommodation, food, and transportation.
  • Wide Range of Courses:
    • CPU offers a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs across multiple disciplines such as engineering, management, law, pharmacy, education, and more.
  • Research Opportunities:
    • Students have access to extensive research facilities and opportunities to work on innovative projects, often in collaboration with international institutions.
  • Rich Cultural Heritage:
    • India’s diverse culture and heritage provide a unique and enriching experience. International students can immerse themselves in the country’s traditions, festivals, and diverse lifestyles.
  • Language and Cultural Exchange:
    • Studying in India offers the opportunity to learn new languages and engage in cultural exchange, enhancing global understanding and personal growth.
  • International Collaborations:
    • CPU has partnerships with various international universities and institutions, enabling student exchange programs, joint research projects, and global exposure.
  • International Accreditation:
    • Efforts are made to align with global educational standards, making degrees from CPU recognized and respected worldwide.
  • Dedicated Support Services:
    • CPU provides comprehensive support for international students, including assistance with visa processes, accommodation, and cultural adaptation.
  • Orientation Programs:
    • Orientation and induction programs help international students acclimate to the new academic environment and culture.
  • Industry Connections:
    • CPU has strong links with various industries, providing students with opportunities for internships, placements, and networking.
  • Entrepreneurial Support:
    • The university encourages entrepreneurship through various programs and incubation centers, supporting students in starting their ventures.
  • Safe Campus:
    • CPU ensures a safe and secure environment for all students with round-the-clock security and a supportive campus community.
  • Inclusive Atmosphere:
    • The university promotes inclusivity and diversity, welcoming students from different backgrounds and nationalities.


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Affiliations & Evaluations

Career Point University (CPU) in India has several affiliations and accreditations, particularly for its international students and programs. Here’s an overview of its key affiliations and evaluations:

  • University Grants Commission (UGC):

    • CPU is recognized by the UGC, which is the statutory body in India responsible for maintaining standards of higher education.
  • All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE):

    • The technical programs offered by CPU are approved by AICTE, ensuring the quality and standards of technical education.
  • National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE):

    • The teacher education programs at CPU are accredited by NCTE, ensuring they meet national standards.
  • Bar Council of India (BCI):

    • The law programs offered by CPU are recognized by BCI, allowing graduates to practice law in India.
  • Pharmacy Council of India (PCI):

    • The pharmacy programs are approved by PCI, ensuring they meet the required standards for pharmaceutical education.
  • International Collaboration:

    • CPU has various international collaborations and MOUs with universities across the world, facilitating student and faculty exchange programs, joint research, and more.
  • Accreditation by International Bodies:

    • CPU seeks accreditation from international bodies to ensure its programs are globally recognized. This can include specific program accreditations from agencies in the UK, USA, Canada, and other countries.
  • Membership in International Associations:

    • CPU is a member of several international educational associations, which helps in maintaining global standards and staying updated with international educational trends.
  • Quality Assurance:

    • CPU has a strong internal quality assurance system to continually improve and maintain academic standards. This is often reviewed by both national and international bodies.
  • Student Support Services:

    • For international students, CPU provides dedicated support services including assistance with visas, accommodation, and cultural integration.
  • Research and Innovation:

    • CPU encourages research and innovation among its faculty and students, often collaborating with international institutions for joint research projects.

If you are looking for specific details regarding a particular international program or collaboration, it would be best to contact the university directly or visit their official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


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